Weapon swishing sounds...

Hi, I am currently looking for some weapons swishing sounds…the noise a swinging sword or axe is making if its swinging through the air without hitting a target. I bought a sound pack with melee weapons sounds but it only has different impact sounds, but no swishing sound. Can anyone recommend a good source for such sounds, I really don’t want to keep buying several sound packs until I finally stumble upon those sounds. Thanks!

Wooshes make for a really fun recording session, definitely recommend going for it!
I would recommend going for a variety of materials and sticks. Hit up the hardware store and get dowels of different sizes, maybe some string and interesting things you can tie and swing around. Hollow metal or pvc pipes might whistle while a wooden dowel or rod might not.

Have fun and go nuts!

On the practical side, I recommend clearly marking out the area you can stand or sit in because you will want to ensure you don’t strike your recording equipment. Protect everything else that needs protection and be safe!