Weapon Sway Tutorial

Hi all!

Since I couldn’t find any decent tutorials or very little info about how to add sway to your FPS models (weapon, hands, …) I decided to figure it out myself and make a tutorial about it.
Hopefully this will be of use to people that want to add this to their game as it adds a great deal of realism and it’s a pretty fun effect.

*You don’t have to save the offset into a variable. I messed around when trying to get it to work and used the saved offset for debug reaons. But beside debugging it’s not required. So just plug the substraction result right into the z value of the “make rotator”.

Cheers! :slight_smile:

Great tutorial, easy to follow and learn. However, I cant get the Y - Axis pitch to slow down as well, only the X - Axis Roll. Should this be happening?

Edit: Nevermind, I read your YouTube comment :smiley:

Great tutorial! way better than any other non-animation driven solutions! i know this is kinda old, but it still works like a charm!
i’ve been working on improving the blueprint by a bit and in case anyone still comes by this, here ya go:
-a minor sway is applied when moving via WASD
-clamped values to prevent the rotations from going crazy if: the framerate is low OR the user is spamming their mouse

this still uses the objects as shown in the video! make sure to first watch the video and then apply the changes from my update if you want.

WixZ** and RadioArtz Thank you very much, this really helped me a lot.**

@RadioArtz what is the “Init Rot” Variable? I thought it is the RelativeRotation form Sway but this does not work for me…

Hi! sorry for the late answer. Haven’t been here in a while.

the “Init Rot” is set on begin play from the relative rotation of sway