Weapon swap between several weapons

Hi all

I want to swap between 10 weapons and a grenade, each weapon is bound to a key and in a enum.
1-0 weapons and G for grenade.
I check to see if the weapon is picked up and this works, if it is not pickup up then the weapon does not spawn.

but when I use switch on enum via1-0 and G, then only weapon 1 and 2 works.
all the other keys chooses weapon 2, even if it is not picked up and when I press G for the grenade which is enum0.
I swap the weapon child actor with the weapon blueprint.
Weapon1 is the masterBP and all the others are childBP with different skeletal meshes.

Am I doing it wrong or am I missing something?
My thinking tells me this should work to swap the child actor through the different blueprints.

It looks like it should work, have you printed and tested if for example Weapon 3 Execution of enum is being fired or is it Weapon 2 if you press the 3 button?

Because if Weapon 2 is being executed, then maybe there is an issue where the same button is set to be used on several input actions

Yes I printed after each weapon and it prints correctly.
I got it working by disconnecting the WeaponVar(DataStructure) and manually selecting it in the set child actor class.
So weapon 1 and 2 works but with the grenade and weapon 3-10 I must set the BP in the set child actor.
I think this will bother me later in the stage so I hope to get this working.
I even set the default value to none in the data structure.