Weapon socket moving slightly in hands on in game?

I have a weapon attached to a socket and it looks fine in component mode and preview (with animations) but when i jump in game the weapon is moving ever so slightly out of sync with the animation of my hand. Also if I eject from pie this independent movement stops and it looks correct, if I jump back in or even right mouse click the movement starts again. I hope this makes sense, it’s a little hard to explain without a video.

I’ve tried a couple of different weapons and characters and it’s the same thing. I’m sure there’s a simple explanation…

Is this on 4.7 preview by any chance?

nope 4.6.1

Ok so this little gem happens if I leave a persona window open (either skeleton, Mesh or animation) while I jump in game. As soon as you close it the socket/weapon locks into place.

Super weird.