Weapon skeleton not attached to weapon mesh in Maya


I exported a weapon from UE4 (from the Markedplace - FPS Weapon Pack) and opened it up in Maya, but the skeleton is not attached to the weapon mesh.
Is there something I can do to attach them in Maya, so I can create a reload animation with “constrain Parent”.


Well, you could bind it as a skin to the rig and paint weights for the various weapon parts, but assuming you’ve already got the mesh / skeleton asset in-game then you only need to concern yourself with the joint movement at export…

The most simple thing would be to separate out each moving component of the mesh and then parent the geometry to the appropriate joint (select mesh then joint, press P). You can do the same thing with Parent constraints but you make the selection in the reverse order. Keep in mind this won’t be recognized as skinned geometry in UE4 (I feel like it’s a bug), but it’s the quickest thing when you just need the geo visualize joint movement.

Thank you! 9 years since last time I used Maya. :slight_smile: