Weapon Selection C++ ONLY

Hey guys 2 days trying to figure this out. I search and I couldn’t find anything. I’m new to Unreal but have 1.5 years of programming experience in Unity.
I want to be able to spawn a weapon in the characters hand when he selects the weapon.

I have the overlap function on the Weapon script its self but I’m not able to spawn the weapon can anyone help me on this? Thanks

Here are some information and images.

These are in the character Class.

ARGunWeapon* GunClass.
TSubClassOf Weapon;


when the player overlaps with the weapon_BPit will set that weapon to the GunClass in the character class. unfortunatly it does not know what to do since i cant Cast the GunClass to the Weapon. Do you have any work around to help with this. if so that be apprechiated.