Weapon Scaling

Had a question regarding weapons. For testing purposes I’ve come across quite a few 3D models of weapons online that can be used for the time being (some being very good quality). I’m not sure in what size they are made, but let’s say for example I find a gun and then find it’s about half the size of my 3D character model. Is scaling it down within a 3D program by changing values or re sizing it in the game possible without any performance loss or quality loss or do you have to model them from the start in its correct scale in respect to your own games map and character model? i.e. 68-70 units in my game will equal roughly 1,800mm or 1.80cm for my character.

Thanks in advanced!


Pretty certain it doesn’t make any difference to quality or performance of any assets to scale them. Behind the scenes sizes are just abstract values that only have any real size meaning when compared relatively to other objects (short of hitting min/max float values), you might want to have a quick read on UE4 units though. If you think about it, when in the 3D modeller whether you’re using a scale of 1m or 1km it is just a value of 1, it just keeps note of the fact that the 1 means m/km)… Scaling an item in UE4 will recalculate and pre-save the new dimensions of the scaled asset for when it’s loaded in-game…

You can either rescale it in the 3D modelling tool, or once imported into UE4 scale the imported asset in the mesh editor (I think there’s even a scale import option)…

I see, so in short it doesn’t really matter what size it was designed in?

Thanks in advanced.