Weapon position on socket c++


I have AActor Weapon as BP and attaching it to my ACharacter weapon socket in c++.
But whats the best way to change the position of my weapon so the character “holds” the sword?


First I would make sure that the Sword has its pivot set to the handle.
This way, When positioning the sword onto the Socket it will just attach.

I believe to change this without changing the model you need to do this in blueprint and apply an offset.

Hmm is there any tutorial to do this with BP? :P?

You seam to be attaching the weapon perfectly well as per the picture, the problem is the pivot on the sword itself.

You need to change the swords fbx file to make sure the 3d modelling application has the handle set at world origin as this will become the pivot of the model when you export as fbx.

I will look for an offset as my project doesn’t attach via C++ (yet)

I’ve just downloaded this file and added it as static mesh.
So there is no other way than modify the model in a 3D application?
any instructions how to do that, e.g in blender?