weapon polycount

Hi guys iv read a million questions asking how many polys is too many for a weapon and most people say try to keep it below 10k from what iv read … But it turns out i kinda suck at low poly modelling and my gun turned out to be around 20k i have not figured out how to replace the fps template weapon yet but when i do am i going to be severely limited in terms of other game assets …what i mean is will i have to make up for those wasted polys elsewhere. This game is simply a learning project and will only ever be played on my system

my specs are
i5 6500 (stock)
gtx 760
8gb ddr 4
120gb ssd
2x500 hdd

What year were the sources you read that from? Polygons used to be an issue in older engines, but modern day engines can handle them with relative ease, provided you aren’t going WAY overboard with it. From what I’ve read over the past few months on poly counts in games, I don’t think 20k is something to necessarily be worried about. I’ve seen people reportedly using anything between 15k-30k. Just like usually you used to hear people say keep character counts to around 20kish tris, and games today are pushing 100k, if not over. But as I said, try not to be excessive about it. If the polygons are necessary for the shape and complexity of the weapon, use it. But if there are details where you wouldn’t notice a difference between textures and model detail, go for texture detail. =)

:stuck_out_tongue: After going back and reading it it was 2010 lol … anyway i did manage to get my gun into the game and was quite annoyed to see i had wasted a lot of time building details i will never see in game … i was going to give this gun away on the marketplace but after seeing it in game there wont be much demand haha .anyway thank you SE_jonfF

A 20k gun isn’t bad. Especially if the design justifies the poly count. Here’s a more recent thread on the subject that you can read and draw your own conclusions on. =)