Weapon Pickup System

Hi Everyone!

So i have a some quick questions.

I want to make a somewhat basic weapon pickup system so when i place a weapon on the ground i can walk to it and pick it up and also instantly equip the weapon so i can shoot with it.
Than when i don’t want that weapon anymore i can press a button and drop the weapon.

As a reference what the system would look like:
In this video you can see the weapon pickup system but without the shooting and without the dropping part.

So if i want to make that weapon pickup system would i need some kind of an inventory system with it or how can this be done?

Also when i want to place an item pickup in the world and give it a static mesh how would it be done that if i pick up and equip the item instead of it being an static mesh it will be a skeletal mesh?

And as last, do you guys have any help or videos that would help me get started with this system?

Thanks in advance!

Using google foo I found 3 videos on how to do this, but they are all blueprint (naturally), however you can do the same steps in c++, just gotta find the matching function signature in the c++ version that matches the blueprint node. Warning I didn’t watch all 3 videos so it’s probably different methods of doing what you want. The inventory system is optional however, you can attach all actors directly to your character and iterate through them via reference by using a key press. then unattach them with another key (dropping them). you can set their visibility so only 1 is visible at a time. But storing them in an inventory might have quicker access times instead of iterate via lookup/cast functions.