Weapon Physics Setup

Hi all!

New to Unreal (came from Unity because I hate coding lol). Having some trouble implementing an equip weapon function for my character, I’m using the default third person character, and I am using a on overlap event to trigger a weapon going to the prepared skeletal socket on the character. Everything works fine, until the player begins to move after picking up the weapon. The weapon seems to be colliding with the weapon mesh in a weird way that makes movement buggy. The attached photos show the collision options for both the player character and the weapon.

The weapon has a sphere collider attached, but that is set to not collide with anything. The mesh itself is what these collision settings are for. The player character is set as a pawn with some options changed because I though it’d work that way.

Any and all help would be extremely appreciated! I’ve been trying to mess around with these settings for hours! :slight_smile:

You helped big time @mindsurferdev ! By telling me there were actually four possible trouble points you made me look into the sphere collider. I had it set to collide with the player SMH. Bonehead mistake, but thank you so much nonetheless!

So you have a skeletal mesh and a pawn capsule for the player. And a static/skeletal mesh for the weapon and a collision sphere attached to the weapon. So that’s 4 things that could potentially be causing collision issues. But it’s only when you start moving the character/pawn that is holding the weapon when something strange happens to the movement of your character?

Maybe try using Ignore Actor When Moving node?


Great news!