Weapon Pack: Assault Rifles [SUBMITTED]


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Recently it’s been Spahr making posts on behalf of PolyPixel, and he’s now concentrating 100% of his efforts into updating existing packs and creating new ones. I will be dedicated full-time to handle the community side of things, and what that means for you is quicker responses and more support :smiley:

We have just submitted our Assault Rife Pack over at Trelloso please take a second to vote for it!


Assault rifle pack is a one stop shop for all things assault rifles. Complete with 5 varieties of weapons, inspired by modern artillery, as well as close to a dozen attachments that you can mix and match.

The great part about this pack is the utilization of substance designer. Each asset comes equipped with a custom substance which can literally provide thousands of variations of the textures.

**This Package Contains:
**5 Assault Rifles + LOD
8 Attachments which work across all weapons
Red Dot Scope
Holo Scope
Sniper Scope
Iron Sights
Textures built with substance
Guns are rigged and ready to go!
Separate ammo and bullet models.

Promo Video

**Assault Rifle Breakdown in Substance

If you have any questions or comments please post below

Please take a second to vote for us!

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The pack looks really great. I just bought it. but it says:

"The following modules are missing or built with a different engine version


Would you like to rebuild them now?"

it then informs me I have to rebuild manually…

To clarify, the version this pack states is 4.7. The version of my game is 4.7…
What is the issue here? Something I’m missing? Something didn’t download properly?

Wow… Their tech support helped me at lightning speed. To anyone else with this problem, go to to download the new version. I’m guessing they have the old version packaged in the download. Fixing the problem was painless though. Can’t wait to play around with my shiny new toys

I had the same thing. Go to the allegorithmic site and download the latest version of the substance plugin and you should be good to go.

Anyone have this pack and get the Attachments to work? Im trying to make a Red Dot Sight like you would see in Call of Duty. Ideally would like a way to change what the red dot crosshair is using something like the crosshair pack. Anyone have any suggestions? Thanks in advance.

Is sight position changeable in AK (by skeleton)? It is required to implement zeroing properly.