Weapon Orientation - Socket - Something.... issue??

So the title is the way it is because I am more or less ULTRA confused. I have done previous work in Unity when it comes to an attachment system but it would seem that information does not transfer to UE4. I have created a skeletal system that matches what is prescribed for UE4, added attach points for my weapons (which you can do with sockets… i think), and exported my animations. The coders created some blend system via code (not a blend space) and it is doing some odd stuff for the attach points. So, before I go any further let me show you what I got:


I have one joint that rotates the hand only (this is the servo type system that rotates it in a circle motion), I have another joint that moves the hand up and down (the joint connected to the server rotation), and then I have the attach point. The attach point is not linked to the hand and thus the code created blend jacks up when you jump while “holding” because the blend uses chest bone and up. The attach points are linked to the base ROOT. What would be the best method to resolve this?

To see what this is doing in game: