Weapon not attached correctly to Player - Using PlayerController

Hey guys quick question; I just have character in my game who will have a selected number of weapon in his inventory to choose from, however, he starts off with the ‘default’ weapon ‘chainsaw’.

Now i have followed a tutorial on weapon set ups,

However, my mesh is a skeletal mesh (with animations), not just a static one.
I have set up the Actor with the chainsaw inside it (Mesh as the Native component)

I am currently working on the ‘Function’ used in the tutorials, however instead of ‘Set STATIC mesh’ its ‘Set SKELETAL Mesh’. Firstly, is this right? secondly, i have added the ‘begin play’ event, and its seems to be working fine with no errors, however, there is no mesh in the level while playing it.

Here is a screenshot of the Function, and the in game:

and here is the in game:

Please if you could help me with this, that would be great! Let me know if you need more information.