Weapon not attached correctly to Player - Using PlayerCharacter

Hey guys quick question; I just have character in my game who will have a selected number of weapon in his inventory to choose from, however, he starts off with the ‘default’ weapon ‘chainsaw’.

Now i have followed a tutorial on weapon set ups,

However, my mesh is a skeletal mesh (with animations), not just a static one. I have set up the Actor with the chainsaw inside it (Mesh as the Native component)

I am currently working on the ‘Function’ used in the tutorials, however instead of ‘Set STATIC mesh’ its ‘Set SKELETAL Mesh’. Firstly, is this right? secondly, i have added the ‘begin play’ event, and its seems to be working fine with no errors, however, there is no mesh in the level while playing it.

Here is a screenshot of the Function, and the in game:


Please if you could help me with this, that would be great! Let me know if you need more information.

Did u spawn an instance of type weapon before you started assigning a skeletal mesh to its component? Ill check over some code ive got but it looks pretty accurate at first glance. What is skeletalmeshcomponent? Is that the name of the skeletal mesh component inside the weapon object and what class does the weapon object derive from? Sorry for all the random questions

Thank you for replying.

The skeletalmeshcomponent is the ‘Chainsaw mesh’ inside the ‘Chainsaw Blueprint’ it includes:

  • Capsule
    > Mesh (which i cannot rename)
    > Collision Capsule

And the class is a ‘skeletal Mesh’, otherwise, it cannot join to the ‘set skeletal mesh’ node.

I hope i have answered your questions right haha.


Yeah it’s all good. The setup should be similar to this


I thought your setup was different sorry for the misunderstanding. Anyways, I created this video for you with a working setup for changing between multiple weapons.

Anyways to me doesn’t look like there’s anything wrong with your setup except maybe attach mesh directly to set skeletal mesh. Sorry I can’t see the issue so clearly.

Thank so much for that video man! VERY detailed!

However, im sorry but i meant to say its on the ‘Character’ Controller, not the ‘Chainsaw’ blueprint :S

Also, when i set my blueprint up similarly to yours, my skeletal mesh doesn’t seem to want to work with any of the ‘NewWeapon’ actors (local Vars)