Weapon modelling tutorials?

Hello, I have been searching for tutorials on modelling weapons from 3d modeling package like 3DS max, to importing and getting the weapon working in unreal.

The best I have found was speed modeling a weapon, nothing about unreal at all in the video, and a couple videos that show exporting a gun from UE4 to a FBX, converting it to a OBJ and importing it into blender, and then back out to unreal again.

unfortunately these videos are showing me what I am looking to learn.

Basically want I am wanting to know is…

when you are modeling a weapon and you are going to have special things happen, such as a ammo clip get removed and replaced when reloading, do you have the ammo clip and the gun as separate models that are joined together in the UE4 engine, or are they modeled in the same file and separated in the engine somehow.
Or other special effects, such as the rocket launcher in Unreal Tournament, that rotates as it loads up the missiles. is this animation done in 3ds max and UE4 uses the animation, or is the anim setup in UE4? what special things would I need to know when I am modeling a similar rocket launcher?

If anyone can answer my questions, and/or point me to some solid video tutorials on the whole process, that would be great.

Thanks for any help that can be given.

I can give you 3 tutorials that gave me huge boost in 3d modelling. 2 of them are for 3ds max, the last one is in Blender.

Here are they:
Modelling shotgun - YouTube [3ds max]
Modelling Revolver - Digital-Tutors [3ds max]
Modelling Assault Rifle - Digital-Tutors [Blender]

Here are they.

About your questions:

The magazine clip should be a separate mesh. So when you are animating, you could attach the clip of the gun to the hand of the player, and let it follow the animation.

And about the rocket launcher, yeah you have an animation that you made in external application, then imported in UE4 it’s plays while firing.

Thanks for the links. these however about how to model, and just happen to be about modeling guns. I am looking for something a little more specific. how to model guns for unreal, get it modeled, imported into UE4 and firing. Its the little things that will matter, such as naming conventions for stuff, where to place bones, etc that a person needs to go do to get the weapon working in UE4.

While the pistol tutorial won’t help me in anyway, it does look fun to do just for kicks, but it would cost me $400 to watch it. Seems a bit steep.