Weapon Equiping

I am making a game and am trying to make my game so you start out without a weapon and you can go equip a weapon but when you do it will change the animation. How do I make it so you equip a weapon and play another animation instead of the defalt no weapon animation. I need to make it so each weapon you hold can play a different animations.

Basically when you call for your weapon to switch, you get it to player an animation at that point.

If you only want I’ve animation blueprint, then you can set a variable on your character to hold the weapon type and in your animation blueprint get this variable and use it to determine your aviation path. I would suggest setting up multiple animation blueprints and swapping them out when you equip a weapon.

How would I do something like that is there a variable or a something

You can do basically what is in this tutorial when it starts playing the equipping animation but, for your case, you start playing it when you pickup the weapon.

This tutorial can help you, too. Try searching for “equipping” or “weapon pickup” tutorials.

Just wanted to apologize for the ridiculously poor post. I wrote that from my phone and didn’t proofread it.