Weapon Cover

Hi it’s still me, . Today I made my first weapon and everything is ok but then I noticed that the model of the weapon clipped through everything: walls,floor,ceiling,even npc. So I made an animation where the player pull up the weapon (like this ) when he’s near a wall but there’s a big problem scilicet when I go near a wall the player pulls up his weapon but when I walk away from the wall he continues to play that animation. How I can fix this?

All you have to do is to reverse the animation. Just give the animation a negative play rate on end overlap.

Do you mean in animation blueprint? Or in my player blueprint? Here’s my player blueprint anyway

Dont use a line trace for this. Use a collision sphere or box. Parent the character to the sphere and then use the overlap events.

ok I figured it out but I have a last question: how I should make the animation where the weapon is pulled up? Because If i copy the idle animation, make a montage with the copied animation and modify the pose (pulling up the arms and the weapon) all the animations change

Imgur: The magic of the Internet idle animation before making cover animation

I copy the animation and I change the pose ONLY on the copied file

This is what happen to all my animation
Imgur: The magic of the Internet running animation
Imgur: The magic of the Internet idle animation (equal to the cover one I made before)

Probably this is a stupid problem for you but I don’t know how to edit only the animation pose I want without changing all poses and searching didn’t help me.

You have to play your animation backwards to get back to your default state.

Please refer to these tutorials for more step by step examples: - YouTube
- YouTube