Weapon Copyright

Can anyone tell me… if i can make model of Kar98k?.. can i put this weapon on marketplace?.. or it is copyrighted … cannot find it…

You are asking for what amounts to legal advice on a game development forum.
The only one who can answer your question is a lawyer, licensed to practice law in your jurisdiction (and, presumably, also in Epic’s jurisdiction?)

That being said, common practice among game developers is to **not **copy a weapon or vehicle 100% (like, using photographs and such,) on the theory that the maker of that weapon or vehicle might claim copyright on that design, and thus make “inspired re-imaginings of the archetype” (and call it something else) “just to be safe.”
Whether that claim would actually be valid in court, and what the possible costs and risks are, is a pretty big field with not entlrely clear case law in all jurisdictions.
Exactly how necessary that is, and how safe you have to be (and are,) are, again, not something that anyone outside the legal protection can really answer.

jwatte is right - if you have any real concerns contact a lawyer. You might be able to find free advice, or be directed to resources where you can research it yourself - just find a lawyer in your area that handles copyright and ask.

however - given the specific history of the Kar98k, I doubt anyone (Mauser) would ever come after you for infringement.

Most shooter games also usually use real life weapons but I doubt any of those game dev studios have actually paid the weapon manufacturer?

I remember EA having a lawsuit dealing with this subject, of using real guns in their games, and if I’m not mistaken they won. You may want to check with the folks @Ironbelly. I don’t know if they’re using true to life, or slightly modified versions but they might know. =)