Weapon Bone is not behaving in unreal exactly like in maya

I am animating weapon bone in Maya by using default parent constraint to the weapon, but when I am assigning the same weapon to the socket, its direction looks flipped. Can anyone help me, please?

Hi @MalikM!

A few quick questions:

  • This looks to be on the wrong axis. When exporting from Maya, are you using Maya’s Z up, or did you switch to Y up on export?
  • Would you mind sharing your export settings?

Any additional information you can provide will be a big help in solving your problem.

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@Quetzalcodename thanks for the quick reply. Sure!
here are the export setting for both Animation and rig.

Hey @MalikM,

Looks like in your export settings the Z axis is your up axis. Unreal converts Y as the up axis, so this may be where your model and animation might be going haywire. Try changing the Z value to Y and see if that corrects your issue.

I hope the above solution works for you!

Thanks @Quetzalcodename let me try this one as well.

@Quetzalcodename So I did just like you said. But I still the axis is flip in unreal but I am guessing the axis is not the problem(Not entirely sure, I am totally noob) because if the axis were an issue, the weapon would have flipped in one axis but instead it is having a little offset, which is weird. I have attached the entire process of animation exporting to unreal. Feel free to watch, and see if you can find something which I am missing.
Appreciate your time and effort :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Hey @MalikM,

It is a little hard to tell exactly what setting you have during this video (shows up small or blurry on my end). But, I do have a few more questions:

  • What version of Maya are you using? Are you using “File → Send to Unreal” to export your skeleton? (Couldn’t tell if you created a shortcut from the blurriness)
  • Are you using FBX 2020.2?
  • Have you tried importing this to a fresh project to see if there may be a setting in Unreal that may have been accidentally changed in your current project?

Any additional information helps!

Hey @Quetzalcodename ,
Ahh, my bad about the quality.

  • I am using Maya 2019.3.1 and using Game Exporter for export.
  • No idea. just exporting using game exporter and directly importing to unreal.
  • Nope, but that’s a good idea. Will do that as well.

Hey @MalikM!

Going through your previous pictures, I see you did include your FBX version. You are using 2014/2015. Try switching to the correct version to see if that helps! Also if you follow the above steps, “File → Send to Unreal”, Maya will export a version specifically compatible with Unreal.

I hope the above solution works for you!

Followed the same steps, but the issue remain same :frowning: :face_exhaling:
See the video. Hope it is clear now!