Weapon base, jumppads, lifts etc

Hi. Been watching afew tutorials on level making for UT. Problem is that I don’t have the assets they are referring to. Been looking in content, but the restrictedassets folder the tutorials are using isn’t there. No fun with UT-maps when there is no weapons, lifts or jump pads :stuck_out_tongue:

Any thoughts on what I’m doing wrong?

Cheers square.

The best place to ask this is probably in the UT forum https://forums.unrealtournament.com/

Yeah, it’s better to ask in UT forums :slight_smile:
However, you need to download special “pack” for UT modding/mapping, open UT tab in Launcher and navigate to “Create” tab - here you can install everything you’re looking for

Thx guys :slight_smile: posted in mentioned forums, and will check out that pack :slight_smile: