Weapon attaches to socket with rotation in preview but not during game

I’m trying to spawn a weapon that attaches to a bone for an animation.

  1. Spawn the weapon Actor
  2. Actor attaches to the weapon socket
  3. Weapon actor does not rotate with socket
    But in the skeletal mesh preview the weapon attaches and rotates with the animation

Skeletal preview animation working:

Runtime attached weapon doesn’t rotate:

Character Blueprint:

Sword actor:

Could the problem be bone doesn’t have any vertices assign to it?

tldr: Actor wont rotate with its parented socket.

Someone can correct me if I am wrong.

When I have spawned objects on a player socket, RTS world is interpreting Direction and Rotation by the worlds transform space, not the socket/actor, so if your character is not lined up with RTS world transform space, you can get some janky results, in game vs the view port.

My problem caused two props to rotate around each other, instead of the player.
My fix was as simple as declaring RTS component and in my case that fixed the issue.

Hey there @anonymous_user_831fe8c2! Welcome to the community! One of the first things I’d noticed was that your weapon socket extends from your root. Was this an intentional decision in which you then animate that weapon bone entirely separately? In most cases we usually see developers putting the weapon sockets directly below the hand bones so that the weapon will always follow the hand’s rotations first then it’s own additively.

A good example would be this quick tutorial:

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