Weapon / Armor Designer


I am currently working with a friend in a game. It is basically a remake, with our own changes, of an old game. It will be topdown view, click to move and camera can rotate 360 degrees.
We’re in the need of some models, ranging between weapons (long swords, shields, bows, etc) and armors. Please note, that the game is set in medieval times, so as for now I’m not looking for an armor that shows all the skin of a woman/man. We need real “medieval” armors, but of course, with a few special touches in design (spiky shoulders? etc).
The armors would be for male/female. Regarding the weapons, we will give you some screens/images from the old game that we would like to kind of recreate in 3d. Of course, all these models must have their texture…

We dont need toon/2d-like models. We’re looking for something like Rift / Blade and Soul type/designs.

Please PM any portfolio or somewhere we can see some weapons/armor designs you’ve made so we can check it over and start arranging everything-

PS: please dont be expensive? :rolleyes: :stuck_out_tongue:

Hey there, we are actually about to release a while bunch of weapons along these lines and I’d love to chat about giving you early access or making some custom for you. Do me a favor and click the quote link in my sig here, send me some more info about what you’re after and let’s setup a time to chat this week.

Hello.! @Ironbelly
Sent a message on your web, when you can please let me know about the weapons you’ll release :slight_smile:

bump :]
still looking for more candidates :stuck_out_tongue: