We will create TRAILER for your game!!!

Hi everyone!

Let me introduce myself, my name is Kostya Matsnev. Working in the game industry, in the role of an cinematics artist, I noticed that many studios have nowhere to turn to create a professional trailer for their games.

As in any industry, everything has its own special features and purpose. Our team believe that trailers for the game is not just a demonstration of the gameplay or a beautiful AAA full CG video.

A trailer is a tool that should:

  • sell the game.
  • demonstrate the atmosphere / emotion of the game.
  • communicate with the player.

Why should you choose us?
First of all for each trailer, we provide maximum within the agreed budget.

This maximum includes:

  • Development of the plot, style and emotions for the trailer;
  • Provided layout of the future trailer;
  • Development of cinematics from the game’s asset for the trailer;
  • Record the required gameplay;
  • Provided video editing and motion design;
  • Provided atmospheric sound design for the trailer.

Next reason is that we provide all main feachers for future trailer. It should sell the game, demonstrate the atmosphere, communicate with the player.

Here are examples of our last works:

Contact us, we will help small and large studios/projects. We provide a unique approach to each client.

Skype: kitovich_is
e-mail: [EMAIL=“matsnevkostya@gmail.com”]matsnevkostya@gmail.com

We open for a work!