We used Unreal Engine 4 to create an "Australian" Clock

Hello one and all, please get comfortable.

Today, I’d like to present to you - our latest venture. An “Australian” Clock!

What is it? - A Clock that displays the time in Australia!

What actually is it? - There is a common lame joke that as Australia is on the opposite side of the world for many people, that everything in Australia is upside down. This clock follows that ruleset.

**Why did we make this? ** - Made mainly to test Unreal Engine 4’s HTML5 / Android pipeline (and to annoy our Australian friends!), this project was made in less than 24 hours using solely Blueprints. From conception to release, thanks to Unreal Engine 4 we were able to have full website and app on the Google Play store in less than 24 hours.

Well… What are some of the features? - Correctly displays the time in Australia for most (if not all) of the Australian territories. We also use your timezone to determine where you are in the World. Obviously, if you’re in Australia, the clock is the right side up! The clock also features some Australian sayings when you hover over the time to make it an authentic Australian experience.

What is the true meaning behind the app? - If we revealed this, we’d break the sacred art of being Avant Garde. It is down to you to appreciate Avant Garde art and understand any deeper meanings contained within.

**Where can I try this “Interesting” use of Unreal Engine 4? ** - You can visit the website HERE or check it on the Google Play HERE . The app / website is 100% free (no adverts, no monetization in any way shape or form, due to the fact we do this for the love of the weird!)

Screenshots! -



We hope you enjoy this strange use of Unreal Engine 4 and we hope it inspires you to create something lightweight and great! If you have any questions, feel free to ask them and we hope you had “fun”. Thanks for reading!

Much Love,

  • Pigface Jackpots, Herbert Cumberpots, Joviex and BananaKing932 and friends of all things Avant Garde

This is awesome. lmao

Tried it and it works as expected lol. Found a bug in the Android app and they were quick to get it takes care of!

Kudos to getting something released that is multi platform especially WebGL =) I am curious what your final apk size was for android and how many devices you ended up being usable on percent wise in the ecosystem?

Final size was 50mb and the HTML5 site works everywhere tested. For Android, it supports 13,616 devices out of 14,958 devices.

It was more than I expected it would be. Now I feel like I understand our Australian neighbors just a little bit more. Entertaining and educational!

Nice, that is not a bad percent compatibility for being a “high end” gaming engine that made the app =)

This is actually pretty cool. :slight_smile:

As a local Australian… that page is 53mb! You should know how bad our internet is down under :frowning:
1%… yay! Wish I could view it in this century, looks interesting!