We Need You....

We need Art Designers, Blue Print Designers/Programmers, C++ for custom plug-ins, Music, and Sound Effects, Experienced Team Coordinator, Website Dev/Artists that knows how to add SSL and e-com, Writers with excellent grammar, Co/level designer. This game will be a fast design and push to live for profit. We are looking for a new startup and this is a contract royalty opportunity.

The game is a 2D Turn-based, RPG. The name will be disclosed at signing.

Do you already have aGDD put together? Or are you looking to build that out once you have more folks on board?

So to answer your question. I only have the ideas in my head and what do you want to offer and what is your price or you looking to get on board for the contract royalty option. Let me know

Hi, I’m a junior front end developer if you are interested contact me on my email:

Hi Phazma, would love to hear more about the project, I’ve sent you a PM.

Thanks for the response. It’s good to know that right now you’re in the ‘ideas in my head’ phase because that is a great place to start. The GDD can help you build a road map for the project as you move forward. Good luck!