We need the curve editor as a standalone editor which can load/save curve assets.

The curve editor needs to be a standalone editor within unreal that can edit/save existing curve assets found within the content browser of a project.

The Timeline’s curve editor is nice in the function of being able to EXPORT freshly created curves, but can not load existing ones.
The Cascade editor’s curve editor is nice because of it’s the only complete iteration of the curve editor in terms of its toolbar.

Neither one of these editors meets our needs for a pipeline to create/manipulate curves.

Hi Enig,

I’m going to move this thread to the “Feedback for Epic” section as this falls into the request category.

Thank you!


There is a standalone curve editor available (just double-click a curve asset in the content browser), but it needs some extra controls for ease of editing. As you say, the curve editors in Cascade etc. are more fully featured.
I think there is a task in the backlog to address this, although it may be being rolled into work for Sequencer.