We Need More Transparency In The Marketplace

The Unreal Marketplace has been a real huge issue for me for well over a year now. I have gotten really tired of making certain purchases at the marketplace only to find out that the either the blueprints/assets are incredibly broken and posting a proper review for them simply gets deleted and silenced by the developers because they simply want to fool others into making more purchases in buying their defective products.

I have gotten simply tired of this and I have sent several ticket requests in the past to get this resolved only to get ignored by your staff. This needs to change otherwise I will have to make these purchases somewhere else other than the Unreal Marketplace.

These developers should not be allowed to delete any comments unless it contains profane or obscene language and even then it should only be flagged. If your buyers says that your blueprint/assets does not work it means it does not work. Period.

Because not only am I spending my hard earned money with $20,$60 or even $100 purchases. I shouldn’t be taking such huge risks investing good money with a defective or unfinished product only to get insulted by these developers on top of that I have to spend hours of my time having to fix these issues myself which they have left unfinished. I make these purchases for a good reason: to save time by investing my own money.

There are even times where I had waited for almost 6 months to a year for these issues or defects to be fixed only to find out that I am still stuck with a purchase that I cannot even use or is left unfinished.

These Are The Solutions

  • If we have made a purchase of their product we should have the right to review their product publicly and let others know whether if it is good or bad.

  • We should have a simple button to request a refund for a product on our account and post a detailed reason why the product is not good,is unfinished or is considered defective.

  • We should have an icon proving that we have purchased that specific product and our review rating should show up next to our username to show proof whether the product was good or bad.

  • Unreal staff needs to have previous versions of certain assets/blueprints because there have been too many issues where I am unaware that a certain asset or blueprint has been updated or fixed.

If these issues are not fixed I am steering away from making as many purchases as possibly from Unreal and will look somewhere else to make these purchases seeing as how Unreal staff are refusing to take action to resolve these issues. And to show proof of this. It has been an entire year since Unreal did not even fix the dates on the marketplace where it says “1969-12-31”.

I literally filed a ticket for that last year and it still continues to be unresolved.

My thoughts:

  • Torn. As long as the review does not contain profanity or complete and utter rudeness it should be allowed to stay. With that said, I’ve seen people post comments and it turns out they didn’t know what they were doing. Is that fair to the marketplace vendor? Your product gets bashed because of ignorance? (not malice.) Even with a response from the vendor, it still can be carried on far too long and people might get turned off by it.

  • Disagree on refunds. Not fair to the vendor. Again, take the point above, what if the person was ignorant and didn’t know how to work the product? Why should they get a refund?

++ BUT, it should be MANDATORY that documentation not only in terms of comments, but actual documentation be included with the product. I try to stay away from vendors who do not provide documentation…

  • Agreed… Its like what they do on NewEgg. Great system.

  • That makes a lot of sense because if someone is working with 4.8.3 (because they are far along in the development process) and they like an asset, they should be able to download that specific one. Normally, vendors update their products and it normally doesn’t break newer versions.

My take…


Why would anyone purchase something on the marketplace if they do not understand how the system works? Is it the vendors fault that you do not have the expertise to use their product? No. I would suggest that Epic considers some sort of rating system: Beginner, Intermediate, etc. And, like I said in my rant above…make documentation required.


One other note… Let’s say I am ignorant on this or that feature (which is quite true), I would often purchase a product so I could LEARN how the author does this or that feature… I don’t get frustrated with the vendor when my skill set doesn’t match the requirements needed to use their product… Instead, I learn / study all the more.


And this is why piracy is rampant. People usually pirate because they felt cheated in the past due to a certain product either failing terribly or the price does not justify the quality.

Because of this I feel inclined not to use Unreal as a platform if they cannot meet these standards. If Unreal does not want to adjust to these changes they are free to do so but they have only themselves to blame if they lose both sellers,buyers and loss of profits from the Unreal Marketplace. I vote with my wallet and I am free to spend an extra $5-$10 elsewhere NOT using Unreal Marketplace for my purchases.

I have already lost my patience buying assets that are either misleading or are broken.

Most customers just buy the product,leave a comment or a review and get on with their lives. It only becomes an issue based on the fault of the seller and not the buyer.

You bought an Apple product that’s your biggest problem right there and secondly it’s not even a gaming laptop and third a gaming desktop will always be superior than most gaming laptops. You obviously did not bother to check the recommended requirements to run Unreal properly.

This is just common sense.

That’s the cool thing with a free marketplace, you can use your wallet where you want…