We need another one like us (animation, texture, sound, or all off it)

we really need somebody that is not afraid of just being yourself me and my friend we are both really passion-able about game-development!! we can sit 6- 10h strait if we have the time to, to talk and make games
we need somebody like that =D if you thing you are that person please contact me here and we can Skype later today

Would like you to know: (but not needed, incase of other things you are good at please post below)

OBS: we use
and Unreal Engine 4

Animation(pretty good)
Textures (3D Mapping, Drawing Textures)
Sounds(Creating Music, Sounds , Effects for the game)

here are an image off the game we are currently working on =D

Hey, you guys sound like my kind of people. I too am looking for some people to create a team. I’m curious to hear about what you have in mind for a game. Please contact me at kwardthyfault@gmail.com