We need ability to pay for multiple seats with one account

We are a company that needs 8 seats using the new $19/month license. However, upon making an account, I cannot pay for multiple seats, therefore I would have to make 8 separate accounts and enter my company’s credit card information eight times which wastes time and is just generally cumbersome.

I have to agree on this one, I’m going to have the same issue in a few weeks. I’ll be setting up my company’s team accounts, but I’d really prefer to be paying for their users using my own account.

Hey everyone,

Please direct your inquiries about getting multiple seats under one account to accounts@unrealengine.com and we will work with you on facilitating those requests.



Apologies, it should be accounts@unrealengine.com

I updated my original response to avoid confusion for those reading this after the fact. Sorry!

Thanks, Steve, I just sent the e-mail.

And… it is rejecting that e-mail address. Is it possibly just account and not accounts?

That worked, thanks, Steve.

We will have support for team subscriptions and team account management eventually, but I’m afraid that is many months away.

I’m sorry for the inconvenience, but in the meantime can you please subscribe manually on behalf of each team member who needs access to the latest version of Unreal Engine 4?

I appreciate the answer, Tim. I will sign everyone up separately when I get back from GDC just because I will need them all to verify their e-mails and set their own passwords. I would ask, however, that this is something you look a sooner than later because I am certain there will be many more users like me.

Tim, I’ve thought about this a lot and wanted to share that the acceleration of this feature is important to the small Indie dev studios like mine. To me, time is my most valuable commodity. I’m the CEO, IT, Creative Director, Office Manager and handyman, among other things I can’t think of right now. I say this not for sympathy because I love this, however, this is a barrier to entry to your new platform. We are a full-time team and we want to make awesome games using UE4, I am sure that there are many teams like mine. Please consider this when prioritizing the development of this feature.