We need a somebody who is able to work with Blueprints

Greetings UE4 Community.

So besides our main Project called “The Farm” we are working on a not yet anounced VR Title.

As we both are Artists and are very experienced in 3D, we can’t handle the Power of Blueprints.
So we need someown who can do this for us.

Worked with VR before.
Working with Blueprints
At least 6 months of experience
Able to crating AI

If all this works out great, we can give you more work.

At the moment we have very limited funds. This will / could change in the near feature.

If you are interested, pls contact me here, on Skype (metteman2) or via Email (

The Farm Team

still in need of somebody.

Hi, just a inocent question, why not finish the first one before trying to do a second horror game?