we need a shop Wish list!

I’m stick of having to re look for the content I wish to buy and that how hard can it be for epic to put a wish list on the store like steam?

I second this! A list of recently visited items would be nice, too.

Thanks for the suggestion, we have have plans to improve our Marketplace experience!

I just came here to request this feature and glad to find it already here. Right now I place things I like the look of in my basket as a reminder but when I want to buy something I have to empty it and then add them back in after buying something so I “third” this request.

I just create a toolbar folder with links to what I want to buy, but yeah a built-in list would be nice to have.

I also would like to have a wishlist for the marketplace!

Hey guys! May I raise the old topic? :slight_smile:
Wishlist for Unreal Marketplace would be awesome!

It could be nice if the platform also notifies you when desire items are at discount, also, we are all talking about the game store and the unreal store right? because i want in both

Epic store is very curious right now. They’re dishing out a lot of money to acquire different exclusives titles and so on but I still have no idea how they want to get sales. Because when I buy something on epic store now it is always something I had to find out about from some third party, because there is no discovery queue, no similar titles suggestions, nothing. When I buy a particular title my interaction with the store is basically done. No incentive to make another purchase whatsoever.

Also there are tons of “coming soon” and pre-order titles right now but it is absolutely pointless without some kind of wishlist feature. I can make a note about that game somewhere, but that’s it. And when I get to see that note again in two years I’ll buy it in sale somewhere.

#Wishlistgang please!

10-22-2018. It has been 6 months. Half a year. Several updates pushed since then. And still no wish list/recently viewed. Ya’ll just making empty promises.

Still no wishlist. You would think something so basic would be a priority?

Waiting for a wishlist. Hope y’all get on that soon.