We made a shortfilm in Unreal Engine, just wanted to share, hope you like it!

The Gateway, an Unreal Engine shortfilm -

Very nice scene, well done!

This is amazing. Projects like this inspire so many people. I’m sure there are a lot of people that would love to learn how you made this, myself included. Very nicely done, cheers.

good timing, cudos… i might have sped up the events by one second each (make 4min 3)… but well timed, good job…

if i watch a movie by flipping thru the channels, first i hear the music… then they have 1-2 min to capture my attention b4 i change channels to see what else is on…

I really liked some of the orange foggy scenes, really well done! The part where the sound kicks in and they start dropping felt a little video game like (and that is a compliment to the rest of it) also reminded me a loot of the movie arrival or arrivals ? the language movie with the simple vfx and aliens with the circular language

Great stuff would absolutely LOVE to see a breakdown or read a writeup over the challenges you faced and how you did it / hardware
Also was this all animated in maya and then brought into UE4 ?

Great work guys! Inspiring!

are you available for freelance? working on big video for top rap artist.