We just updated to 4.8 and after packaging it crashes the build on launch


Im not totally sure what to do from here.

We had steam working in 4.7 but since we moved to 4.8 today we cannot figure out why our builds are crashing on run.

The image above is the crash message

Hi HughieDM,

Can you attach crash logs to this thread as a txt file? Here is where you would locate them.


Here is the crash loglink text

Hi HughieDM,

This has now been fixed internally. We are hoping to include it in the 4.8.1 hotfix but if you need it sooner (and are using Source) you can get the Github commit here.


Thats great when do you think the 4.8.1 will be launched?

Unfortunately I don’t even know myself, they only just announced internally that it was a definite thing, so I can’t even speculate. Hotfixes are to get really egregious problems with a release addressed as quickly as possible, so I wouldn’t think it will be too long.

This is good news. I have an assertion failed: Class error that seems very similar. Runs fine in the editor but crashes on packaging. Should I create a question page?

hey nickkeator,

Only if your error is different from the one above, the LinkerLoad one.