We have an epic idea !!!!!!!

ok ok listen up …right ok now when you play in editor (alt+p) right so you start playing and we have an EPIC idea alright YEAH this is insane ok ok… To improve it , when you have gone to view all 4 view ports or even the view ports youve teared off right … ok now it only plays in editor on one view port .SOOOOOO if you guys were to make it so it plays in all view ports, even if the top,side and front were still in wire frame mode it will still play as if you were useing the editor in perspective view BUT ok this sould only work with the view ports you set to real time cause some people out there would love this feature im sure but they then cant play in editor if its going to get laggey …ya see ITS AN EPIC IDEA :smiley:

You didn’t use enough capslock, bold or large fonts so I doubt Epic will listen.

:d :d :d :d

Restriction by age should be required to join this forum.

I agree with Errvald. This is a development forum…