We desperately need categories, filters, hiding, deleting and sorting for UE Projects and Vault

**The UE part of the launcher has not changed much, if at all, since the very first versions of UE4, a long long time ago. **

And back then, it was fine as it was. You only had a few versions to select between, and very few of us had any significant number of projects or downloaded assets from the marketplace.

Now, I can’t speak for anyone but me, but I suspect the situation is the same for many more, in that now I have built up a number of projects over the years in various states of completion. This also includes things such as your example projects that I wish to keep around for reference and learning.

I also have been guilty hoarding assets from the marketplace, adding many of the monthly free things to my collection, an as such it has grown exponentially the last few years.

At this point, my UE Library is like a garden filled with weeds. I keep getting numerous “An update is available” notifications, but it’s too cumbersome to locate the assets that have the small orange circle in the corner and update them, so I just leave everything as it. Would be nice with an “update all” button. Or just to be able to really delete assets that I regret buying and adding to my library.

For my projects, all of the projects are mixed, with all versions showing. Again, it’s sometimes hard to find just the project you’re currently working on in such a huge grid of them.

It’s nice that we have search, but sometimes you forget just which assets you actually have, and thereby also their names, especially when you have this many, and it’s then that it’s vital to be able to browse efficiently.

But yeah, not only is the sheer number of assets to wade through to find what you are looking for a problem, but the entire launcher is CHUGGING when displaying that page. I’m talking 5fps here. It feels horrible. I don’t know if this is because of the number of things there now or if there’s another reason for this.

The entire thing really needs an overhaul to be pleasurable to work with again, so here are the solutions I would suggest:

Engine Versions, My Projects and Vault

  • Add filter for installed/not installed
  • Show as list instead of grid
  • Update all button with confirmation screen on what will be updated and maybe total size

My Projects and Vault

  • Filter by UE4 version (check all installed versions that you want to see projects for)
  • Sort by Alphabetic or UE4 version
  • Click an eye symbol to manually hide specific projects. Have checkbox for “Show Hidden”


  • Ability to permanently remove assets that you never are going to use again. (For example because they aren’t updated any more and you have better options now)
  • Ability to group by marketplace category, so you can for example expand your “2D assets” group and find all things relevant for a 2D game there.

Thanks for attending my TED talk. :slight_smile:

You forgot “Remove unused assets” yes yes I know about the plugin on marketplace but come on.

I must agree on the vault, just browse projects by date and last opened.

I would add this:

1 - “Show asset in original path” something similar to “Show assets in explorer” but takes you to the original server or local path of your actual asset file not the one inside ue4 folders.

2 - stop outliner autoexpanding folders.

+1… I remember writing something back in 2016. :slight_smile: BUT, what would be really cool is somehow replacing the UE4 launcher with Bridge. Have everything in one place. The UE4 launcher would just be for their game platform, and bride would be for UE4 development. Love that program.


I personally would like private tagging (on user side) and grouping (on content creator side). No more 20+ Megascan projects cluttering everything. One group with all Megascans.

Oh, and of course filtering etc too.

I just went through several weeks of talking to Support for the Launcher’s horrible performance. It really has crippled development for me. My case kept getting escalated to someone else that had me try something to improve performance. Nothing worked. Finally my case was escalating to someone who told me they were escalating my case to someone else… I haven’t heard anything in over a week. It’s amazing to me that the only thing holding me back is the Launcher because I simply have too many assets in my “vault”.

I was one of the people with a paid subscription to the Engine before it became Free. I would pay again to have this prioritized and fixed… The Launcher should reflect the quality of the Engine and the vision of support for developers. No grant is going to help fix this issue, that’s for sure.

I Too was thinking I’d love if the Quixel Bridge replaced the UE4 Launcher for the development side… It runs smoothly, the organization/categorization is there and it wouldn’t be a huge leap to add more categories for both projects and marketplace assets.

+1, every time I have to look at my launcher’s Vault I start to regret getting all the free assets (specially all the Paragon assets, so many entries…)

while the launcher itself has bad performance, how is it crippling your development? you can simply close it and work directly in unreal. I only ever use it when I need to update UE4 or add marketplace assets to my project. any other time I launch through visual studio and if the launcher ever creeps up I just kill it.

It would be great if the size of each asset on the marketplace was specified.

Mainly because I don’t have all the assets I want to use memorized by name and because I have more than one project I’m working on. I’m not just working on a single game development project, but I also have a lot of VFX projects on the side that each use different assets… I suppose I could just make one master project and go through the process of adding every asset I own into that project, but that feels tedious and disorganized. The way the launcher responds, it would take me hours to do that… Organization inside the engine isn’t the greatest either, especially if I have to sort through folders of stuff I’m not using for that project. It’s much easier for me to organize assets in Maya or even Daz Studio.

+1 to this!!! We need organizing and filtering of My Projects, remove unwanted entries and store Vault entries under some folder/filter to group them together! Please add this functionality!!

+1, my vault is starting to grow into enormous size from all the free assets and bought assets combined

Not only that, but the search function in the vault is not very useful since it only works on the name of the marketplace items, not in the description or tags.

Seriously. It’s 2020 and their own main app doesn’t have basic filtering/sorting/etc. functionality that you can find on any basic website. Including their own marketplace website!

2021 update: the UE4 team has removed the category function that once allowed projects to be sorted using tags.

Made a simple app to allow sorting of your vault and notifications of which products need updating. Hopefully this is just a temporary solution until Epic adds features like these. My main motivation was for the update notifications. When you get an update notification in the Launcher you have to manually scroll looking for an Update button. With my app you can sort by updates available. You can also add tags and descriptions to each product.

delebash/unreal_vault_organizer: Organize your Unreal Vault via tags, advanced search options, notification of updates for assets (github.com)

Still being requested A LOT, and still not here. Suprises me because it seems like something that would take very little time to add. I understand that they don’t want to just throw things in, but come on. this is really level-1 stuff.

It is very ridiculous, especially when they have it implemented in the library, which would have cost at least to put the favorites and the short, if it is in the same application!

Guys you need to vote here, not only add a comment! Personal categories and personal favorites are needed!!