We are trying to make a porject, game.


I work with a small studio and story called SolOrion and Solorion studios. I do projects myself under my own brand BSnPic. We are looking for programmers and Model people who can help us create our own story and game. I go by skyhawk89 on gaming and instagram to see our art. Our website is currently offline.

I know what kind of game I want to put together. We want to make an open world space shooter/rpg in game in third person. I have the basic models, assets and stuff like that from our own money and around the web. We need a programmer who can create a project for us with third person shooter/rpg controller and wepaon and vehciles. We can provide the levels we got from UE4, the models and other things. We are also looking for editors. Our project we really want to make a game like Mass Effect, Halo and a few other put together.

We need help.

Our website. Currently offline.

Thank you. **

Some of our early concept and designs.
I am not a programmer but i can write, visualize and more. We tried kick starter couple times but we weren’t there yet. We mostly use unreal engine. I don;t have much funding.

Thank you.