We Are Recruiting for Our Tech Demo Programmers and More

We are a small development team looking to recruit more members to help us finish a tech demo worthy of presentation to potential publishers. Those who join will be working remotely. We can’t offer any payment right now, but all contributing team members will be offered a full time paid position once we receive funding. Our project is a third-person, action-adventure game set in modern-day America, a few months after a pandemic spread by an extremist activist group decimates the human population. The game mechanics include combat mechanics, stealth and crafting. In addition, there will be a strong focus on enemy AI and our buddy system. Our game at its core is a stealth game, the player will be given options to meet each obstacle with at least 2 options allowing for some creative decision making and a challenge of resource management. With a combination of weapon and ammo types, throwable objects and an AI companion enough variety will be given to the player so they can complete a non-lethal run or simply run and gun while enjoying the story. Some photos have been added showing the various areas of our demo.

Of course, there have already been post-apocalyptic games like Days Gone and The Last of Us, but none use stealth as the main approach the way we plan to. Our stealth will be more like Metal Gear, the option to distract, avoid and intimidate your way out of conflict (also like I Am Alive) many all those past games have some influence in how we want to approach our project and this includes the recent Plague Tale: Innocence as well. We have ambition and we have people asking us when our tech demo will be finished and that’s where more of you guys come in. We need all the help we can get.

At the moment programmers are our top priority followed by level design and 3D modelers.

We would prefer to know what each person would be most interested in working on opposed to simply assigning a task you might be strongest in although no one will really be working alone. We would rather have someone working on a task that they are legitimately interested in for 5 hours a week than someone who promises more time to do an assigned task and fail to deliver.

We are aware that everyone has to start somewhere so we are willing to consider those with less experience if they have some portfolio work to show they still have the ability to complete the work they choose to take.

We also have group calls as needed to discuss progress and everyone is given the chance to show their work and/or ask for help or opinions and share updates of any kind. All who join are encouraged to at least listen in to stay updated.

Please use my contact information below to send any samples/links or questions for a quicker response. I am located in the eastern standard time zone so please take that into consideration regarding response time.

For more information feel free to message me here or:
Skype- D-The-Hermit
Discord- Hermit#2619 (team calls are done here and will give you the fastest response time)
Email- [EMAIL=“3rdof3kings@gmail.com”]3rdof3kings@gmail.com