We are looking for full time hires!!!

Do you have Superior Unreal Talents?

If so please email ebowman@red5studios dot com
** In the subject line please use “I have Superior Unreal Talents” :slight_smile:

Please include the following in your email:

  • Current Resume (pdf or png)
  • Your area of expertise within Unreal
  • Links to content that you have made to show off what you can do in the software
  • CV so we can learn a little more about yourself.
  • Availability to start

Thanks, If you have any questions please ask here so everyone can take part in the discussion. If you want to submit your info please follow directions above.

If I may ask, what are you looking for? And for what? <- Just some info that may spark interest from folks such as myself when browsing.

Not only that.

What positions?
What responsibilities?
What requirements?
Is the position paid/royalty?
Is the game/project itself 2D/3D?

If you’re really looking for BP/C++ whizzes, you might find a few too many environment artists applying with ‘superior unreal talents’. If you really are just trying to find a team, and don’t have any specific positions needing filled, at least answer the last two questions.

Sure, No problem great questions. We are looking for people that know the unreal engine and how to be creative within it. We are looking for people With C++ experience, Blueprint setup experience, VR, FX, Worldbuilding etc. The opportunities are vast. This is for creating games using unreal.

Primary emphasis on knowing the engine!

Some of this covered in answering the first questions from Jamendxman3. I will go into more detail here. We have a team in place looking to expand on the current team.

What positions? / What responsibilities?

  • C++ Superstar, Let you work speak for itself in this area. Of course we want to see that your code is clean too.
  • Blueprint Developer, Not only from doing tutorials but a person that finds new ways to create blueprints for what is needed for the project. This could be setting up AI, gameplay, overall functions in the game.
  • Unreal FX artist, knows the in’s and out’s of fx inside of the unreal engine. Has an eye for what will work for the project and not only creating the most taxing fx that would look great but not perform well in the engine.
  • Worldbuilders, using maya but primarily knows how to make amazing levels in unreal. Also know lighting for levels, smart topology layout for what would work best for the project.
  • VR enthusiast, Passion for wanting to develop and break more ground in VR, understands the limitations VR presents but thinks outside the box to create great gameplay and fun experiences for the player.
  • HUD/UI/UMD, Let you work speak for itself in this area.

What requirements? - From reading what was mentioned in the above list these are the requirements that go along with

  • Understand what you have created and be able to explain it in detail.
  • Works well with a team.
  • Has great comprehension
  • Self motivator that loves new challenges
  • Good Reading and Writing skills
  • Is up to date on all things related to disciple within the Unreal Engine.
  • Has worked in games before is a plus, really looking for talented individual. So even if you haven’t worked in or on a game before if you have the talent just need an opportunity to show what you can do it will show in your work! We want people like YOU!

Is the position paid/royalty?

  • Full time career in the games industry, we are looking to hire not only contract people.
  • Salary positions

Is the game/project itself 2D/3D? We are making games here at the studio.

  • 3D
  • VR
  • Mobile VR

Hope this helps please let me know if there are any other questions. :slight_smile:

Someone asked, where are we located? I wanted to share with everyone on here, we are located in Irvine, California.

A very good response!

Are you wanting local or remote workers? If local, will you relocate people?

I’d be interested in applying for the BP/C++ positions, however I would need to make a C++ project to apply as my most current C++ work is both under NDA and heavily butchered.

We are looking for individuals that would work on site for the time being. Relocation is negotiable upon hiring.

Want to say thanks to all the applicants that have applied so far. We have received a lot of interest and talented submissions.

Thank you!! We have not made any final decisions at this time.

Ok want to say thanks to everyone that applied.

I wanted to update this post.

We are narrowing down the needs more now.

We are looking FX artist that has an eye for creating fx in VR! Understand what limitations there are and knowing best how to work around them to achieve compelling FX.

C++ programmers is the other role we are looking for. We recently hired someone that has hit the ground running and they are doing an awesome job. We want to hire another person to add to this discipline!

Recap of our needs at this time:
FX artist
C++ programmer

Thanks everyone!!

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Friendly bump for a Cali startup :slight_smile:

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I strongly urge everyone that is considering this company to perform their due diligence. Especially if relocating.