We are looking for a friendly, upbeat and professional video game development team!!!

Welcome to Team Dragons Talon,

We are looking for a friendly, upbeat and professional video game development team, who can help us create our team based first person shooter game for the PC.

What we need:

Project Manager / Producer (Games) **

  • Ensuring the successful delivery of a game, on time and within budget
  • Overseeing all aspects of a game’s development and delivery

Lead Programmer (Games)**

  • Leading the programming team responsible for creating all the computer code which runs and controls a game
  • Producing the technical specification of the game and managing the overall code development process

Game Programmer(s)**

*Designing and writing the computer code that runs and controls a game

QA Tester

*Testing, tuning and debugging a game and suggesting refinements that ensure its quality and playability
*Assuring quality in a game and finding all its flaws before it goes public

Audio Engineer

*Creating the soundtrack for a game, including music, sound effects, character voices, spoken instructions and ambient effects

**Once work is finished, we’ll create a kickstarter campaign to pay everyone and to help get this game get on steam.

Thank you!
-Valentino and Theresa
(Game Designers)**

Any more info on the game you’re producing?

Good question. And more importantly, any clues as to how the said team is going to pay their bills for a few years until the “work is finished”? :slight_smile:

I can help out in the QA area since I have experience in finding and testing out games and mods. I also am a game developer myself and know many areas involved so i can input feedback needed to fix some of these issues

Hello everyone,

thank you for your replies. The game we are producing is a fun team based first person shooter game for the PC, preferably to be sold on Steam. It’s a game that takes the player into the future, in a world of alien like creatures, who attack humans and vise versa. You will have the option to choose which side you’d like to join while being able to connect with friends and build teams. It would allow players to see the world from an alien creatures point of view.

@n123q45 I will be contacting you shortly thank you.

Interested in the Audio Engineer position. Shoot an email to for portfolio and music page links!

they still havent contacted me :smiley: