We are developing a full-featured city generator plugin for Unreal!

Hey all, this is a fully game ready 1:1 recreation of Manhattan that was created as a demo for our upcoming city generator. Let me know your thoughts!
Full video: Recreating NYC with CityBLD | NEW UE5 Procedural City Generator - YouTube

If you’re interested, we are distributing the plugin via a wait-list here: https://www.worldbld.com/


Hi there @WorldBLDOfficial,

Hope you’re well and having a wonderful week so far!

What an awesome Plugin. The still images don’t do it justice. The video felt immense and incredibly detailed. The highway building and road editor definitely made me waste hours of my life playing City Skylines and building the worlds most mediocre city :joy: Incredible work.

Thanks for sharing!

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Plugin looks awesome (like a super-polished version of what Google Maps + Cesium or other APIs offer). Up for saying more about the potential of the upcoming city generator? What other cities / features will be available or whatever. :thinking:

Sadly New York was in the news recently for all the wrong reasons. Its sinking under its own weight and faces ongoing flooding and eventual extinction. Hard to believe us humans need to start saving digital copies of coastal cities now. :astonished:

GIS capabilities are on the top of the agenda from here!
Digital Twins and other real-world recreations are likely the biggest use case for this type of tool. Stay tuned:)

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Hey @WorldBLDOfficial !

This is a magnificent plugin that you’re creating and I agree with both Panda and game_maker that this is just astonishing. I do agree that the showcase and photos do not do it enough justice as there is so much potential with something like this. As a solo map developer myself this will help big time with creation.

Will this plugin also be able to assist with the generation of smaller cities to towns as well or is it primarily a medium to big city generator?

The goal is that this tool is a major help anywhere you’ve got roads:)

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Looks Incredible. Joined the Waiting List. Can custom Buildings be used? I need to destroy cyber-punk style buildings with interiors in my game.

I’m new here but highly dedicated to learn all there is about world creations.
I suffered a head injury in construction industry and won’t be going back to that type of work due to some PTSD & memory issues but I’m positive that the injury didn’t take away my creative abilities. So I see this as an opportunity to do what I love…create. I joined your mailing list as this is exactly what I’m looking for to build. Hopefully I can become a valuable asset to the community. I love helping people so after I get some knowledge under my belt, I’ll be starting up a youtube channel to share what I’ve learned.
Be blessed!

@WorldBLDOfficial Hi awsome work,Does this plugin support generate city buildings or roads from shp file like cityengine?