WDRB Snow Fox Promos

Hi Everyone! I wanted to post a couple of new promos I made for WDRB this year. Every year we make 3-4 promos for Snow Fox at our TV station. He is the station’s mascot for winter weather alerts, school closings, etc. Every year like clock work we are under some very tight deadlines to get new ones out the door. After downloading the UE5 early access I decided to go forward and use it. Needless to say we were all impressed with how well the whole process went and are moving our pipeline over to Unreal start next year for news and promotional graphics.



Hey QuadPoly,

Super cute and creative idea! Entertaining for kids and humorous for adults. The animation and character design is done well and the voice-over is synced perfectly and has that professional excitement sound. Terrific job!

PS: The bit of humor over the snow day is really wholesome and connects the viewer well. :sunglasses: :+1:

Congrats on such an accomplished job and thanks so much for sharing it with us on the unreal engine forums. Will we be seeing more anytime soon? :slight_smile:

Thanks PresumptivePanda!

There was a lot of excitement that went into the making of these and this was the first year we were able to give him some humor in his acting and voice.

I’ll be able to upload and show off two more spots next month. There are a few I can’t show due to sponsorships and have to remain on live broadcast.