[WCS] witchcorestudios - recent unreal converts from unity.

Greetings unreal community, we decided a few months ago to take another look at unreal before we got too deep into the development of our first title as a studio, even though the amount of money we had spent on unity assets was large, Unreal always seemed very intimidating, and we started with unity because it was meant to be the easiest for small indie teams to finish a whole game. After my first week of taking online unreal courses I am pumped. Everything I have done in the engine so far has been extremely polished, intuitive, and just simply works. Taking the plunge and having to repurchase a lot of assets at worst was sort of a downer, but now we are fortunate we didn’t waste anymore funds on unity.

I just want to introduce [WCS] Witchcorestudios, an indie firm based out of Tampa.

I am close to finishing my first rounds of unreal education, and I must say, unreal’s workflow for me is a huge improvement over unity.

I was having a lot of issues with unity, and how they bank off of the high amount of entry level games game with it, sort of implying unity is the “simplest, young developer friendly engine”.

I am getting more done in a day on unreal by myself, than I got done in unity in a week.

Much love from witchcorestudios!

Greetings! Agree about the odd learning curve Unreal has. Once you get your head around the game framework and mentally convert your gameobjects into actors, it’s way faster. And the material editor (vs shader writing) and behaviour tree editor (vs RAIN, etc) are especially nice.

Yes I am not on my own two feet yet nor claiming to be some great dev with a great plan, i think we all have goals. To me unreal has been so much easier to get down than unity was, maybe since i already knew an engine I picked it up fast. Right now I am finishing up my introduction cheap course on udemy which should get me more comfortable with sitting down and experimenting. I also picked up the “master blueprints” video series, since well, even when i was learning C# i was not fluent like i was with warband’s version of python.

Right out of the box things are working as they should be, where in unity I had issues with rigidbody physics which i could never get figured out.

What game type were you making in Unity?
Same one in unreal now or its morphed slightly???

Did you look at LY and CE as possible alternatives?

Unity is a solid all-round engine once you buy plugins…
But its nowhere near as simple as implied ‘on the tin’…

Yeah it was a false assumption possibly created by my own mind that unity would be “the easiest”, maybe at the time i was looking at the asset store before i got into development and saw you can almost outright buy all the features for your own game, problem is most of the time purchased code in unity has a lot of issues, and I soon figured out that I will not have a good game unless i really make it by myself without cheating and outright buying features.

I am nor scared of unreal’s small marketplace, since all we are buying is models and textures from daz, and some wilderness.

We are doing a medieval survival mmo, not a rust or reign of kings clone because it would surely fail, at first we were going the route of survival hype, but saw how bad both games were by design that you had to delete player progression weekly to keep the game interesting, so we took another year off for planning and to watch the market trends.

I will not explain our design conclusions at the moment, only that we intend to make a real survive game, not a **** show like the survival fad games.

That sentence alone gets my interest.

We will have some official concept articles soon, I don’t want to explain it wrong especially since the core design still may change as we are leaning further and further away from the way survival has been presented altogether.

We expect to start releasing concept videos and media next month when we start to work on cosmetics in preparation for community building and marketing.

Welcome to your new home. ;D