Ways to troubleshoot inputs , E input not working on main level

Hi anyone know any ways to troubleshoot inputs , I have E for interact , but on main level E will not fire at all , even with a print string coming directly off of it , I get nothing , nada . It works on a separate test level , but not on the main level . With same player character(where input is on), it works on test level but not main level. I checked all over main level but there is nothing I can see on the level or level bp that would consume or block E input. If I change the interact input to some other key , then it works on all levels. It is just E that does not work only on main level. Any help ? Thanx

Two main reasons why a key input doesn’t work:

  1. You have not enabled keyboard input inside the BP:


  1. The keyboard node is set to consume input, and there’s another node for the same key elsewhere:


Yea I checked those things , no luck , it works on a test level , but not on my main level , but I don’t see anything on the level that could cause it. I only have one player character .

having the exact same issue with the E key also…very bizarre and like you it only seems to bug out on one paticular level.

Its been a while but i think i ended up (after much digging) , finding that a house i had on the level was essentially a BP , and had a garage door that was activated with the “E” key and was set to consume input.