Ways to import or convert Video for udk?

So, what are my options to import video files in udk?

What im after is adding small animated icons for characters claw hit 2d effect in the players face or something like when a zombie throw up in your face and you get a 2d alpha video on the screen of liquid falling down and fading.Or display/presentation of enemy info on weak spots like in 2:50 in this video:

I know about Bink and I have been doing these things with it till now(no flash experience).So i basically make a 2d animation in a image editing software>export it as a mov or mp4 file and convert it with Bink for UDK use.
Problem is that i think i found a bug/memory leak related to dx11 and bink video.When i load a video in my game level(on a transparent mesh that pops up) i get a 30-40 frame drop.When the video is over it kind of returns slightly but after i get to video 2 and 3 that pop at once its all close to lag after.If i exit the game and start it again, i start with the lowest frame rate i got from after loading the videos and not my initial high frame rate…So a memory related bug? Have to restart udk to reset this issue.

This bink video problem does not happen in dx9 though.

So to what I can convert my videos in order to import them in to udk? Some type of animated texture file?
The videos i imported are actually small in size (i think?) like 10mb.Is that the problem?

I don’t know about fixing Bink, but I do have some other ideas.

You could do it as a postprocess material effect. I think that’s how a lot of games do the red around the edge of the screen to represent damage. For dripping liquid, I would do panners and a noise texture like the top right part of this material: The best noise for that might be a billowy Perlin noise or an inverted voronoi–I’m just imagining something that kind of looks like bubbles.

For claw slashes, you could simulate a sprite sheet flipbook by plugging Time into a Floor then adding that to a Texture Coordinate.

You could also do everything in a Flash movie.

I just watched the video. All of those 2D effects drawn to the screen are really simple. There’s no need for a Bink video for any of them. They look like they could all be drawn onto the screen with your HUD’s canvas. UDK | CanvasTechnicalGuide

Thank you.Completely forgot about flipbooks as I haven’t used them for years.Have to start learning them from scratch now.I suppose that they are the closest thing to a gif/animated texture in UDK,correct?

Flash, so little experience with that.I tried to take the shortcut and for a test i downloaded this video from youtube

And converted it from mp4 to SWL with this program(video)

I imported it in udk without touching any options and just plugged it, in a Open GFx Movie kismet node, hoping that when I touch a trigger, the movie will magically pop up and play the blood splat, but it didn’t :o .
What did I missed?

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It`s very simple to load GFX Movies (SWF), maybe you are just missing some input. Here is how I load the HeadShot Icon animation you have seen on my game’s demo: I hope it helps.


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Image is not showing.

Ok here is it

Hey @O_and_N does the movie play correctly when you test it in Flash Pro? If you export it with an HTML wrapper, can you view it in your browser? (Assuming you still have Flash in your browser…)