Ways to generate revenue from free to play games?

Other than in-app purchases, ads and paid dlc’s are their other ways to generate revenue from free to play games?

Things that have been done through games, that may or may not be up to your ethical standards, depending on specifics and degree of disclosure/opt-in:

  • Selling T-shirts, coffee cups, PVC figures, and other merch. (Make sure to have an anime princess mech pilot in there somewhere for maximum $1000 figurine potential.)
  • Reservations for plots of land in what will surely be the only virtual world in the future.
  • Build a minigame out of solving Amazon Mechanical Turk tasks.
  • Mining monero with the users GPU in the background.
  • Pre-sales of in-game special assets that maybe will be released in the future.
  • Using your players as a botnet that you can rent to the highest bidder.
  • Make your players fill out surveys and sell the demographic data. (That’s what all the survey sites do, btw.)
  • Sell the blockchain rights to your game digital assets as NFTs, one at a time, in a weekly auction.

I’m sure there are more. People are quite ingenious when it comes to making money!

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