Ways of reducing number of Sound Waves and working around Max Audio Channels?


With new audio engine I’ve stumbled upon one thing that really humpers progress, and that is, you guessed it, Sound Waves (SW). And, while you can controll how concurrency and priority of Sound Cues (SC), you can’t do so for SW. I’ve previously assumed that SC mixes all SWs and outputs to a single channel, but it turned out that audio channels are being filled with all SWs for each SC you are playing.

Imagine having shot SC consisting of 3-4 SWs, each selected randomly from it’s own pool of SWs to form varying shot sounds. Gunfight with such shots quickly fills all available channels, leaving no palce for other sounds, and, even kinda kills need for concurrency settings, and you won’t hear more than 32 channels (per default settings).

One way of tackling this might be making one solid SW from those original SWs, making less variety, but more controll over what sounds to play. This is not ideal as there’s a lot of Sound Designer work involed, and makes important sound feature less impactfull for the game.

Are there any ways of mixing SWs from single SC into one channel? I’ve scanned through forum here and googled, but haven’t found any ways of doing so. Maybe we’re doing it wrong and there are best practices we can look up and use in approaching our sound design?

Feel free to ask if something is not clear, english is not my native language :slight_smile:

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks in advance!

If you’re developing for PC, just raise the max voices. 128 is no problem for modern PCs.

Also, you can set Concurrency on SoundWaves:

I wish you the best!