Ways of getting video playback to work?

Hey, trying to make a html5 showroom for video content in UE 4.2.1, but cant get video playback to work in any way, tried mp4 files, webm files, using stream.

Even setting up a web widget to go to a site where my videos are hosted (this or media stream would be the ideal solution to save space/loading times i guess)

Im really new to unreal engine so would be great if anyone could help me out, i’ve read that the media player isn’t supported in html5 yet, is it the same with the web widget?

there must be some way to get videos into a html5 game?

Thanks in advance!

Same thing here… vanishing my project chances…

Bumping because I too would like to know…

Bumping this cause same issue :confused:

Bump Because i’m more one in the same boat (4.23) - anyone get support at github of html5 ?

Give it another bump. Tortering my brain to get some kind of Video, Stream or even another Website running within an HTML5 project using 4.23

Bump, having same issue in UE 2.4.2