Wayland support


Currently the X is main window system on most of the Linux distributions and desktop environments. However, it’s about to change. Its successor – Wayland is maturing and starting to take shape. Right now Wayland is the default WS for GNOME on Fedora Linux since 25th release and is planned to become for KDE Plasma spin of Fedora 34, too.
A lot of applications have added and are right now implementing a support for Wayland, one of them being the upcoming Godot Engine 4.0. The support doesn’t have to be here tomorrow, or for the launch day of Linux port of Unreal Engine 5. In fact I don’t mind how long it takes to implement as long as it’s on the list of requests and it is considered.
I ask for this support because it’s crucial for modern Linux experience and compatibility for both the developers and players using Wayland.

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Extra article: “It’s Time To Admit It: The X.Org Server Is Abandonware

I second that. With all major desktop enviroment like kde and gnome moving to that, Ureal engine team should think about adding support for wayland.

I just wanted to let you know we’re shared your request with our team. We will let you know what we find out! :slight_smile:

Thank you!
I also added another relevant article about X server and its current condition.

Blender is also making some initial Wayland support too.