Hi all.
This is the result of playing with Unreal engine for a few months after work each day. Each shot was a mini challenge to learn something new about the engine.

Here is the video: wayfarer


Here is the video: wayfarer

Great job, looks like an :desktop_computer: AAA :desktop_computer: movie.

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They look stunning!

Hey @glwenn,

Hope you’re having a great week so far!

I’m obsessed with the goofy and adorable art-style you’ve created. It feels like something I’ve never seen before and that’s strangely unique when it comes to cinematics/video games.
I never knew I wanted a big-eyed-alien-dog-like creature to follow me around but now I can’t wait to have it happen! Keep up the spectacular work and I hope to see more of your brilliant creatures! :slight_smile: